[icecast] PeerCast development...

Chris G Moguta chrisg1 at umbc.edu
Sat Jun 7 01:07:37 UTC 2003

I know this isn't exactly concerning Icecast, but PeerCast shares some 
similarities nonetheless...

Is there anyone who would be willing/capable to code a streamlined Ogg Vorbis 
decoder for inclusion with the PeerCast client?  The only thing preventing Ogg 
Vorbis from wide use is the many software players that still don't support it 
(Real, WiMP, MMJB).  Since people have to download the PeerCast client to 
listen over the PeerCast network, it would 1) be annoying for the typical user 
to download a Vorbis-compatible player seperately (especially if they're 
comfortable with their current player) and 2) be beneficial to include by 
default an Ogg Vorbis decoder (plus a few controls, like volume & tag display) 
that only has the functions needed for decoding a stream.

If anyone's interested (especially with summer now, for those in school), give 
a visit over to  www.peercast.org
... it could potentially go a long way for Vorbis' acceptance if the cheapest 
broadcasting software (because it saves bandwidth costs) has included support 
for the format.

NOTE: I am not a part of the PeerCast development team, but an avid fan & 
potential future (legal) broadcaster.

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