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oddsock oddsock at oddsock.org
Wed Jul 30 13:13:48 UTC 2003

At 05:52 PM 7/30/2003 +1000, you wrote:
>On Wednesday 30 July 2003 17:38, dmz wrote:
> > Quick thought, if the fields are separated by "," & a title/artist/.. has
> > a comma in it then it causes a few problems with parsing.
>If you need to parse it, use the raw xml form. It's more parseable. I don't
>know what the point of status2.xsl is.

the point was primarily to show yet another example (albiet a poor one) of 
providing the same information in a different way.  If you had a very 
simple client (that for instance didn't have XML parsing capability) that 
wanted basic stats, then you could use this transform presuming that you 
chose a good separator (comma is not really a good one in practice, but 
serves as a good enough example)  This transform can be likened to the 
Shoutcast "7.html" request which was intended to be called by things like 
handhelds and PDAs (the name derives from the Palm VII)...anyway, that's 
what the point is.. :)

> >
> > Likewise if there are multiple streams it might be nice to have each stream
> > in it's own line so it is easier to grab the info.
>See above.

like I said, it's an example.  Feel free to extend and make it better.

> >
> > Also, status.xsl displays streams even after they have been stopped.
>It's meant to.

as Mike says, status.xsl does this by default, but a little XSLT coding can 
easily display only those streams that are connected.  The key is knowing 
that streams no longer connected have no listener count (this is different 
than having a listener count of 0), while connected streams always have a 
listener statistic.


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