[icecast] Debian packages: icecast2, libshout, ices2

Keegan Quinn ice at wasteland.respond2.com
Wed Jul 23 03:09:51 UTC 2003

On Mon, Jul 21, 2003 at 09:14:58AM -0500, Luke Stodola wrote:
> To echo the other poster, thanks a lot!

You're quite welcome, and so is Matt.

> So far, I've been using the install from CVS to
> /usr/local/ method, which works fine for now.  I will certainly switch to
> the Debian packages eventually though.  How long do you expect it will
> take for them to be in the main archives? 

libshout has been accepted, and should appear in unstable any day now.
icecast2 and ices2 are in final stages of review and should be uploaded
shortly.  As you probably know, this doesn't mean they will be available
immediately in stable; they will be included with the next release.

> Your packages are well appreciated.

I'm glad.  :)

 - Keegan

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