[icecast] PDA as source client

Michael Smith msmith at xiph.org
Tue Jul 22 01:15:09 UTC 2003

On Tuesday 22 July 2003 01:34, Luke Stodola wrote:
> Has anybody used anything other than a PC as a source for icecast2?  Are
> PDAs powerfull enough?  I know vorbis encoding takes a signifigant amount
> of CPU power, but I've been able to do it on 4 year old PCs.  Does a
> 206MHz Intel StrongARM 32-bit RISC processor have as much power as a 200
> Mhz Pentium?
> I'm thinking Compaq iPaq, running Familiar Linux and IceS, would make a
> nice portable $220 source.
> Any thoughts?

No. These PDAs (and similar ones) do not have floating point hardware. Without 
that (i.e. using software-emulated floating point), this cpu is far too slow. 
No fixed-point vorbis _encoder_ exists, currently. So there's no chance at 
all with vorbis, unless you want to write such an encoder (this is a Very 
Large Task).

For mp3, it might be possible. I think fixed-point mp3 encoders exist, though 
they're not (afaik) competitive on quality with things like LAME, and there 
may not be any free (non-commercial) ones (you'd have to pay the mp3 
licensing fees anyway). You'd have to investigate.


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