[icecast] streaming from remote fm's

laleona at gmx.net laleona at gmx.net
Mon Jul 21 06:38:01 UTC 2003


we would like to set up a streaming server (icecast on debian) as a 
collaborative plattform for open radio initiatives. the idea is to 
have an "open" streaming server, offering a shared live-stream to 
community/clandesite/alternative radio stations on which they can 
broadcast their radio programms without having to buy a server and 
installing icecast.

the way we (naivly) see it at the moment (and we are all not 
technology cracks) is this: we would have a website where a 
participating radio station/ programm producer could reserve say 2 
hours of the livestream on a certain date and then on that date send 
his radio programm from a remote computer to our icecast server which 
would then send the stream. after 2 hours the stream would change to 
another remote user.

- can i do this using icecast? even if the radio stations involved 
will not have a server of their own and sometimes only 56 kb modem?

- does remote producer send his audio using tcp/ip? does it already 
need to be in a specific format?

- is there any way of having connection/ new users / permissions 
updated automatically (we would like the server to work as a 
self-service, self-operated collaborating stream)? how are 
permissions handled?

any help/ideas would be VERY welcome... thank you very much


<p>ps: what we want to do is simmilar to the project publicvoice.fm 

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