[icecast] Debian packages: icecast2, libshout, ices2

Keegan Quinn ice at thebasement.org
Thu Jul 17 03:18:48 UTC 2003

Hello everyone,

I've been maintaining Debian packages (for sid) of icecast2, libshout,
and ices2 for several months now; my production servers run Debian, and
these packages make using icecast on them even more easily manageable.
They've been quite solid and reliable in all of the situations I've
encountered, and I've had nothing but positive reports from a couple of

Since the libshout 2.0 release just happened, I've been dusting them off
and making final preparations at getting the packages accepted into the
main Debian distribution.  In the process, I've created backports to
Debian's current stable release, 3.0r1 (aka. Woody).  Since I've seen a
couple requests and reports here about people trying to run icecast 2 
on Woody, I thought perhaps others might be interested in these packages.

Backports of the current libogg and libvorbis 1.0.0 packages have also
been provided, since Woody only has 1.0rc3.

They're available at these apt sources:

deb http://rune.thebasement.org/debian stable keegan 
deb-src http://rune.thebasement.org/debian stable keegan

I'll be making new builds regularly, probably weekly.


 - Keegan

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