[icecast] ices 0.3 released

Brendan Cully brendan at xiph.org
Sun Jul 13 22:59:22 UTC 2003

On Monday, 14 July 2003 at 00:47, gtgbr at gmx.net wrote:
> Hi Brendan!
> Brendan Cully wrote:
> > I've just released ices 0.3:
> Sorry for neglecting to test an ices 0.3 beta. ;P

Well, since this was an update to 0.2.3, the beta period didn't seem
as necessary. But you have a point.

> Although I haven't actually run ices 0, yet, I found a glitch in the
> installation... --with-docdir is almost always needed, unless you use a
> non-standard *nix clone (I suppose). By default, ices puts its docs into
> /usr/local/doc/ices, while it *should* go into
> /usr/local/share/doc/ices.

I should change that.

> Also, --sysconfdir seems to be ignored, I
> haven't managed to install ices.conf.dist anywhere but /etc. :-/

This I can't reproduce. In fact I use a non-standard sysconfdir in my
own installs.

> Otherwise it appears to be compiling just fine, and I'm working on a
> flavored port to OpenBSD for ices0. :)

excellent, thanks.

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