[icecast] ices 0.3 released

Stefan Neufeind stefan at neufeind.net
Sun Jul 13 21:52:43 UTC 2003

On 13 Jul 2003 at 14:33, Dan Sully wrote:

> * Arc <arc at indymedia.org> shaped the electrons to say...
> > >         I quite agree - it's frustrating to be able to use
> > >         software that's almost there, then have all the
> > >         development move to a format that 90% of the
> > >         applications/embedded systems don't yet support.
> > 
> > I'm sorry, but >90% of software does support Ogg.
>         You mean all those embedded hardware platforms with dedicated
>         MP3 decoders on them?
>         Maybe if you're on a pee-cee and want to download winamp/xmms,
>         then yes.

We don't have to fight here, do we? I just mentioned that if somebody 
(or many) are actively supporting and developing ices 0.x (and I 
really much appreciate that) wouldn't it make more sence to add mp3-
support to ices 2.x and have just ONE platform? I believe some parts 
(which are not already part of libshout2) could be reused. Is it 
really that much work? The good thing would be to have one tool for 
all ... what's so bad about that idea?

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