[icecast] Re: [vorbis] Virgin Radio Classic Rock now in Ogg too

Geoff Shang gshang at uq.net.au
Sun Jul 13 01:18:43 UTC 2003

On Sat, 12 Jul 2003, Ross Levis wrote:

> I think VR is mono again whereas VC is stereo.  VR is averaging around
> 86kb/s and VC is around 106.

Just to confirm that my observations match this.  The stream coming out of
VR is a stereo stream, but it's encoding a mono signal which keeps the
bitrate down.

> If you want to average around 96 (stereo) then you will have to lower the
> quality setting.  2.8 is too high.

Definitely.  It's interesting to watch the bitrate go up and down with
the music on VC.  Listening to Leny Kravitz, the bitrate was up over 100
kbps for
the whole song, probably due to the wide panning used in the song.  The
next track spent most of its time below 96.

BTW: The 'now playing' info on VC seems a bit funky.  I listened for about
20 minutes before we got an update.  Seems to be happening regularly now
though (it's now 01:17 GMT).

The sound is, of course, excellent.


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