[icecast] Icecast2 log and yp behaviour

Michael Smith msmith at xiph.org
Wed Jul 2 18:37:07 PDT 2003

> Firstly, I want to rotate the icecast2 logs at midnight (i.e. create a new
> access.log file for each day). Normally I would expect to be able to move
> the existing log file and then send a killall -HUP to get the service to
> start logging in a fresh access.log file. This is what I do with Shoutcast.

Hrmmm.. Yes, this wouldn't work currently. It should be very easy to make it 
work, however. Just find (in src/sighandler.c) where it says 
    /* reopen logfiles (TODO: we don't do this currently) */
and add calls to log_reopen(errorlog); log_reopen(accesslog);

Oh, and then actually implement log_reopen(), since it's currently an empty 
function. That might be marginally harder... 

But yet - you're right that it doesn't work, and it definately SHOULD work. 


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