[icecast] IceS playlist & directory ?

Pierre Amadio pierre.amadio at libertysurf.fr
Sun Jan 26 22:21:59 UTC 2003

Hi again.

find /absolute/name/of/directory -name '*.ogg' > /usr/local/stream/ices/playlist.txt

> Thank you for the prompt reply. I am currently new to linux and although I am learning fast could you explain what the command above does.

find all files located under /absolute/name/of/directory whose name is
something dot ogg and put the result in /usr/local/stream/ices/playlist.txt

You usually can find more information for a given command with the man
command. Have a try with 'man find'. 

Ok ok, it's not really clear, but the more you read the more you

The oreilly's "unix power tools"  book has a nice chapter on how find
works and it say it's better to use it with print:  

find /absolute/name/of/directory -name '*.ogg' -print  > /usr/local/stream/ices/playlist.txt

You may find information about this book here:


As for previous questions, i don't know if space in filename is a
problem in playlist, i use not to use space in filename and have not yet
tested it with ice. 

Usually setting a file so that everybody may read it is not a good
solution except if what you want is that everybody can read it.

Be sure that the user that is running ices is able to read the playlist
and mp3 and ogg file, that's all.

Don't panic in your new environment, read some documentation about the
shell you are using, learn to use a good editor (did i heard emacs ?)
have a look at a bit of perl and you will feel comfortable with your new
linux system.

Have a nice day.

Pierre Amadio

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