[icecast] relay servers and mountpoints

Adon Irani adon at YorkU.CA
Wed Jan 22 20:19:50 UTC 2003

> >
> > thanks for the rund0wn ., i figure by season two i won't have anything but
> > .ogg's , but for n0w .! haCkhAckHAcK :)
> Well, you could do a few things.  You could decode your MP3 to wav or PCM
> and use the stdin input of ices2 to encode it to ogg for your stream.  Or
> you could set ices 0.2.3 going on another mountpoint and use stream
> transcoder (http://transcoder.sf.net) to listen and transcode it to ogg.
> This latter one may seem a bit clumsy, but it may be more convenient to
> implement, depending on exactly what you want to do.  There's probably
> other solutions, but that's all I can think of at 2am and should be enough
> to get you started.

currently everything is working fine . .ogg for live and all new archives
, and a mix of ogg/mp3 for previous episodes-the fileserve on icecast2
deals w/ this fine .

but we have an 8hour programming day, and i want to have a constant
mountpoint (of past episodes ) that kicks in when we are not live . this
is already being done w/ fileserve , but doesn't have that 'rebroadcast'
feel b/c it is always starts at the beginning of the show .

o i don't really need to transcode anything , (all past archives are
pre-encoder either mp3-24/64kbps or ogg-dialup/hispeed variable quality
-1/7 settings )
 i figure : : determine whether the current archive is mp3 or ogg ,and
update the ices/ices2 playlists respectively (assuming i can run both
concurrently ) . one will have a 0byte playlist , the other will have the
correct episode que'd .

i think i'm all set , just so long as i can find the latest ices o.x from
cvs ! ( i posted the problem earlier ;  not sure what i'm doing wrong here
_ i log in fine, but i get errors on checkout - using info from
cvs.icecast.org ).

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