[icecast] icecast 1.3 or 2 ???

Adon Irani adon at YorkU.CA
Sat Jan 11 21:51:54 UTC 2003

> Hi
> wow for a person just starting this is all exciting - do people here think its better to install icecast2 if it's as stable as you
> say and start to learn on this and not bother with 1.xxx
> All we want to do is live broadcast ( icecast on red hat box  but we use winamp to get the data too this )

<p> i use icecast2/ices2 for live OGG broadcasts on http://theDV8network.com
; free radio and fertile resistances, fresh from the Canadian underground

i experimented a great deal w/ icecast 1.x , my problem was finding a
stable linux-based live re-encoder .

w/ icecast2/ices2 , i now have my main web server running icecast2 as a
mirror .
and another b0x in the studio .. on this one , i have two mountpoints
(dialup/hispeed.ogg ) running constantly . ices2 has been rock solid
streaming to icecast2 locally ,. then i have cron jobs to communicate w/
the main web server to determine when live shows start/end , these will
then be recorded locally using wget . and at the end of the night , all
these ogg rips are mirrored to the main web server and added to the
archives db .

 from the users end , this has been rock solid . onLy problems are related
to OGG and compatibility , but we are slowing working through these w/ our
listeners .  .

, so my advice is use icecast2 if your listeners won't complain about OGG
.  . it is better quality/compression after all !!

( icecast2 only handles .MP3 for fileserving , as far as i know ..)

note :  : if you are only broadcast from time-to-time , and have a closed
listener base , you MAY want icecast for its web interface , ALSO , if you
are using winamp dsp plugins to stream _ then you would not be having the
problems i did w/ the linux/icecast1.x re-encoders ,. as well , others on
this list may have had better luck w/ these packages , there's certainly
help out there if you cho0se this path !

i suggest icecast2/ices2 for a full automated , web/script-controlled
operation . and perhaps icecast 1.x for less formal configurations .

and let me know if you neEd any scripts .. i even made one to generate the
proper .m3u files on my web server so that every listen request gets a
custom .m3u file auto-loaded ! it's been working VERY well ..


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