[icecast] 404 Stream not found

M.C. van Dorp matthijs at netintegrator.nl
Thu Jan 9 15:02:54 UTC 2003

hi there, 

I got a little problem.
I have a working icecast server and untill now i only used to have 1
stream at the time. But now i want to add a second stream.

In the icecast logs i see it connect okay, and ices happly streams but
when i try to connect to the second stream i only hear the first stream.

I looked into the config file and changed "mount_fallback" into zero,
but now i get a 404 for both streams.

I use ices 0.2.3 and icecast 1.3.12-rc1 on a gentoo linux system

i use this to stream

> ices -h -p 8000 -P <pass> -m mountpoint1 -F ../list
> ices -h -p 8000 -P <pass> -m mountpoint2 -F ../list

from the logs of icecast
-> [09/Jan/2003:15:59:04] Accepted encoder on mountpoint /mountpoint1
from 1 sources connected
-> [09/Jan/2003:15:59:34] Accepted encoder on mountpoint /mountpoint2
from 2 sources connected

mpg123 gives "HTTP request failed:
404 Stream not found"

from the icecast log again 
-> Kicking unknown 2 [] [No encoder], connected for 0 seconds

Does anyone of you have an idea what i'm missing or what i should

Thanx in advance

M.C. van Dorp <matthijs at netintegrator.nl>
Netways Internetworking B.V.

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