[icecast] darkice client for windows

René Oelke rene.oelke at zehn245.net
Sun Jan 5 14:59:20 UTC 2003

the "Adv. Rec"-option in the oddcast-plugin for winamp doesn't work on
my machine (winxp with winamp 2.81 and the latest oddcast version). it
seams  to  be  buggy.  i can enable it (green led lights), but nothing
happens.  and  when i disable it winamp crashes down. there is also no
configuration to select a soundcard input channel (i am using rme hdsp
with  8  analog,  9  digital stereo input channels). thats why i wrote
this question.

any hints?


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> oddsock wrote:

> oddcast  DSP  is  what  you  want,  it  supports live input (called
> Advanced  Recording)  and  does  support streaming to Peercast...It
> currently does not support Vorbis metadata for live recording (since
> metadata  for vorbis streaming is inserted into the ogg stream, as
> opposed to how it's done for mp3 in which the metadata is updated on
> the server via URL calls)...  

> anyway,  it's the closest thing to what you want, and it works very
> well (if I do say so myself) :) 

> http://www.oddsock.org/tools/dsp_oddcast
> and
> http://www.oddsock.org/tools/oddcastv2

<p>> oddsock

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> On 12/30/2002 at 12:55 PM René Oelke wrote:

>>hi list,
>>i  am  looking  for a solution like darkice. but for win and not for
>>linux.  i  want to perform some live-dj sets in an internet radio. the
>>technology   of   the  radio  is based on peercast (p2p). the peercast
>>server  that  gets  the  stream  runs  under  linux. the dj works with
>>external  hardware  and sends the audio data in a soundcard line input
>>runnung  under windows. the darkice-like program should get audio data
>>from  this  input,  encode  it  in  an  oggstream  and send it via the
>>icecast  protocol to the peercast server. it would be nice if it there
>>possible   to  send  some  other  information like songtitle and so on
>>live  to the server.
>>thanx for helping me

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