[icecast] icecast vs real player

eelboy eelboy at speakeasy.net
Thu Feb 27 23:09:20 UTC 2003

Hi Geoff,

I did experiment with this by setting up an icecast server on another linux 
machine (server B). The result was that any real player connecting to that 
stream died as well.  It wasn't at the exact duration (45 minutes) at 
server A -- but consistent with any clients connecting to it.  That is, 
they all died at the exact time - but that time varies from server to 

So, that led me back to the icecast path - rather than Real (but who 
knows).  I think my next step is to find another source for icecast so that 
I can try and narrow it down between either icecast itself or it's source 
application - which in my case is xmms using liveice plugin.

as always, if anyone has thoughts or suggestions please feel free :)


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A thought.  Is your player sucking the stream down to disk in the process?
I've seen this happen with realplayer.  It's possible that the disk is
filling up after 45 minutes.  This would be consistant with it lasting
twice as long if you halve the bitrate.


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