[icecast] A question on clients.

Mr. Stauf stauf at freshcheese.net
Thu Feb 27 21:46:42 UTC 2003

Hello, I am a long time icecast user and list lurker.
I have a simple question, as I am looking to use icecast2 for ogg streams.
Currently, I am using icecast1.  I have lots of php scripts setup for
auto-loading, etc to make sure my listeners basically point and click, and
I use liveice to stream live. I know I'll have to rewrite my php scripts,
and I know I'll  have to drop liveice when I switch over.  But ogg streams
don't seem to be universally supported.

Winamp3 has broken ogg stream client properties, I have seen the archives
and also the winamp forum archives on this subject, so I suppose winamp3
support will "One day be fixed" and I'll have to convice listners to use

Also, windows media player 9 doesn't seem to want to be a client for ogg
streams as well.  When I use my handy little tethereal, I see the acks of a
healthy TCP connection and I see the bandwidth on the network consumed, so
I know icecast2 is streaming, so are these two players just broken?  What is
a list of known good players for clients of ogg streams?

And also, liveice was a God save in the fact it showed me real time levels so
I made sure I wasn't clipping through the entire broadcast, is there any other
Linux icecast2 program that does this?  

Thanks everyone.  I want to thank you for the project as a whole, and the real
reason I want to switch over to ogg is to run everything open source from where
I am at.  I feel funny using mp3 with all the current and past "issues" with
licensing and such.
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