[icecast] A large streaming project

Jack Moffitt jack at xiph.org
Thu Feb 27 04:04:20 UTC 2003

> > As a guess, how many IceCast streams could be supported on one Linux PC 
> > (say 1.5Ghz PC).
> Seperate streams? Probably a couple of hundred. There's been no effort put
> into optimising this - with some work, this could be lifted a lot further. 

I forgot to mention we did it with icecast 1.x.  And I made it so that
the 2.x codebase wouldn't have the same limitations.  For instance, we
discovered icecast 1.x could do about 40-50 sources on one server before
the thread locking killed it, so we ran 6+ servers per box.

Icecast 2 shouldn't have any limits that a bit of bug fixing couldn't
solve.  So you can probably run all the streams on a single icecast

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