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Raymond rsteding at tecwise.com
Sun Feb 23 19:54:30 UTC 2003

Sounds like K-RMA radio in Los Angeles. K-RMA is scheduled to begin 
broadcasting in March. An interview with one of the founders is at

It is a real media clip

Also, I'm running a Project Radio project radio on a USC server. The 
mailing list is http://zig.usc.edu/mailman/listinfo/lpbn

The description of the project is:

"Project Radio is an open source audio/video sort of mp3.com interface 
to allow Internet Radio stations and others to easily create 
programming, live and archived, from publicly available content such as 
talk shows, interviews, independent musicians, recorders, content 
aggregators, universities, libraries, theaters, clubs, and other sources.

The interface will include the creative commons licensing, sample 
mechanical licenses, upload and download utilities, and many other 
functions to be determined by the "Project."

Additional functions will allow users to create an entire 7 x 24 
Internet radio station out of top list content and any other available 
content, personal playlists, playlists for background music of 
businesses. And, so on.

Raymond Steding

<p><p>Shaun Mcmanus wrote:

>Disturbed Transmitter Community Radio Project
>The Need:
>Where I live there is only one open channel in our FM band. The one major
>company that owns 13 of the local stations plus 8 more that bleed over from
>the next biggest city, has lobbied the FCC so that the last FM license will
>never be given out. So my friends run a little 10 watt, Max. allowed by FCC
>for a non-commercial non-licensed station, station and only broadcast on
>Thursday and Friday nights.
>We were discussing building them a more powerful transmitter but with the
>current state of affairs (Homeland Security Act and the fact that there are
>6 military bases and 4 airports in our city) putting out more power would be
>a bad idea. So we thought about it for a well and came up with this idea.
>The Idea:
>We have people in each community put up an antenna and hook up a small
>computer to their internet connection. The computer would grab a stream off
>the internet, output though a sound card to the transmitter. Most content
>would be streamed from single sources to all clients but the clients would
>have the ability to connect to a Community Server to pick up a community
>based news and information stream and other sources. Plus the system will
>have an emergency broadcast capabilities, possible by listening for a packet
>on a certain port and switching over to that stream.
>The Plan
>Phase I
>Gather up used hardware for client computers, design and build transmitters,
>and put together Phase I software package.
>Phase II
>Install first transmission clients and studio servers. Start testing
>Phase III
>Run system full time. Install more systems, both clients and servers.
>Phase IV
>Design custom software suite.
>We are expecting this project to take 3-5 years on an all volunteer effort.
>None of us have much experience with software design or coding but willing
>to learn.
>Client systems:
>Phase I: Small used computer, decodes stream and outputs to transmitter.
>Phase ?: SBC systems, decodes streams, manages multiple streams, listens for
>emergency broadcast 	packets, outputs to transmitter.
>Server systems:
>Studio: Encodes live broadcasts and streams them out.
>Community: Generators community based news and information stream.
>Custom Software Suite:
>Clients: Would manage multiple streams, listen for emergency packets. Will
>have an easy to use graphical 	scheduling system.
>Server: Easy to use GUI, one button record, etc.
>I know allot of the stuff we want to do has been done already but we just
>need to put it all together.
>Thank you if read this and could give me some feed back.
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