[icecast] Firewall issue with Icecast

Steve Meuse swave at mara.org
Fri Feb 14 19:51:11 UTC 2003

Pierre Amadio expunged (pierre.amadio at libertysurf.fr):

> Icecast use only 1 port, so all you have to do is to accept connection
> on port 8000. There shall be no active/passive trouble such as ftp.
> Well, at least this is how i imagine things are , are they not ? :)

I guess I need to provide a packet trace, which I don't have handy. I
think that Icecast may initiate a TCP SYN back to the client, which is why
I'm having a problem. Stateful firewalls tend not to allow packets back in
unless they have the established bit set. If it actually is sending a SYN
back for the stream (which I need to verify) it won't set the established bit
and the firewall will drop it. 


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