[icecast] Unofficial Icecast HOWTO posted

Kerry Cox kerry.cox at ksl.com
Wed Feb 12 17:21:44 UTC 2003

Howdy. I just posted an unofficial HOWTO on configuring icecast2 on a
Linux or other UNIX machine. It's just a draft in DocBook format, but I
was hoping it might help someone. I've worked enough with icecast over
the past few years that I thought it time to share what I've learned.
The URL is as follows: http://quasi.ksl.com/icecast/
I have older documentation in http://quasi.ksl.com/icecast/docs/ for
those interested. For a more complete treatise on icecast-1.3.x take a
look at http://quasi.ksl.com/icecast/legacy/.
I can provide the URL to my station's own MP3 stream (using
icecast-1.3.x) or to our new OGG stream (using icecast2) to those
parties interested. I also have a test audio stream playing a few audio
files in OGG format as a quality check. 
Any feedback or suggestions for improvements would be appreciated.


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