[icecast] icecast vs real player

eelboy eelboy at speakeasy.net
Tue Feb 11 01:10:35 UTC 2003

hi, first post to the list (though i've been subscribed for several months 
now)...  I'm having a problem with icecast and my windows real audio 
player. this may very well be a real issue, but for now i thought someone 
here might have run across this problem. so here it is:

when i point my real player to the icy mount point, for example 
http://servernamehere:8002/icy_2/, the stream plays just fine... icecast is 
being fed from the liveice xmms plugin and I can listen to my "live" stream 
(which is actually just an xmms playlist toggled to REPEAT.)

After 45 minutes, the real player disconnects.  The icecast log message 

[09/Feb/2003:18:54:01] [5:Source Thread] Kicking client 16 [] 
[Client signed
 off] [listener], connected for 45 minutes and 1 seconds, 54018031 bytes 
transfered. 0
clients connected

Meanwhile, xmms and liveice continue doing there thing....  Both the real 
player and the windows media player do the same thing, and i've found that 
if I change the bitrate of my stream (for example, halve it) then the 
client will stay connected twice as long.  (winamp will stay connected 

So i'm going crazy trying to figure out how to get the real client to stay 
connected as ultimately, I want to embed the player on a web page.  Anyone 
seen this before? Ideas?

I can provide more info if someone would like to stab at helping on this.
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