[icecast] metadata update is delayed for 2 songs

Michael Smith msmith at xiph.org
Mon Dec 29 04:04:48 UTC 2003

On Monday 29 December 2003 14:54, Phi Tran wrote:
> well
> when i streamed the station using foobar.. then foobar2000 displayed the
> metadata correctly...
> but at that time.. when i checked out status2.xml, stats.xsl and stats.xml
> , the metadata is displaced incorrectly.. two songs behind..
> i've tested the stream broadcasting using winamp2, foobar200 w/ oddcast dsp
> plug in.
> you can check out my station at http://ny.icecast.net:8646/play.ogg w/
> foobar2000 and .. and then check out http://ny.icecast.net:8646/status2.xsl
> thx

This shows that either a) Icecast is incorrectly sending the wrong metadata, 
or b) Icecast is never receiving the correct metadata, due (presumably) to  
some bug in your source client. 

I think b) is much more likely, since nobody before you has ever said anything 
to suggest that icecast loses track of metadata updates. 

Listening to the stream doesn't help - I'd have to (at least) see full network 
dumps of the tcp stream between the source client (fb2k?) and icecast2. That 
would (eventually) show whether the source is sending the correct data or 

If you can collect such a network dump, could you send it to me off-list (it's 
likely to be big)? A section covering at least one metadata change would be 


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