[icecast] Icecast2 Status v1.3

Phi Le Tran phitran at myrealbox.com
Fri Dec 26 07:43:43 UTC 2003

Thx dave, this is what I need :-)



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Tar http://www.mediacastone.com/~cvscaster/dev/icecast2_status/v1.3/icecast2_status_v1.3.tar

ource http://www.mediacastone.com/~cvscaster/dev/icecast2_status/v1.3/source/


Please let me know if there are any bugs or problems admin at mediacast1.com, this script parses the stats.xml file and creates php variables,

you will need to create a seperate php page and incorperate your own display results, with the associated php variables.

examples will be added soon as i get this tested out for bugs etc....




Dave St John
Mediacast1 Administration

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