[icecast] I am new - how to set client

Nestor nestorflorez at earthlink.net
Sat Dec 20 21:59:43 UTC 2003

Thanks Josephus for your advice.

That is the reason why I have joined this group...to learn.
I have never done anything with streaming, but we must start somewhere.
I do work with the web as a programmer.

As I mentioned before, I do have winamp 5 and I have the server running

I still do not know how to tie up winamp on my client machine to the
server machine.

Does some one have aworking copy of a icecast.xml.  I am using the default
because so far
I am only using in my internal network.

I have read the config instructions 3 tiems and I am missing something,
perhaps to obvious
hopefully, I will get over that hurdle soon.

ServerSide - I have icecast Beta version 3
SourceSide - I do not know what you mean but I have
             winamp on both my client and server machines.
ClientSide - I have winamp version 5

Livestream, playlist, script - I want to be able to do livestream from my

BTW, I have been looking for "How to" and Iam still looking.  One of the
"How to"
in the list really points to a porno site.

I think I am just missing how to tell my winamp on my server or client
to send the stream to my icecast server.

learning more and more!

Thanks again,

Nestor :-)

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From: "Josephus"

first of all you need to learn how icecast works, what id does, etc...

ServerSide u need:
-icecast for example :)

SourceSide u need:
-winamp, ices, or any other suitable util (not tested shoutcast source with

ClientSide everybody needs:
-some_stream_player (eg. winamp)

BTW, what u need to know here is that icecast only streams stuffs to
multiple directions, from multiple mountpoints

With the source stuff you can stream to icecast
generally 3 types of them: - livestream - playlist - script(or external
program) based input

And to answer to your question NO You dont have to dl icecast to your
"client" machine.
And next time you should really care about the docs, howtos, etcs hanging
around the web


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From: "Nestor" <nestorflorez at earthlink.net>
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Subject: [icecast] I am new - how to set client

> I am running apache server and listening to port 8000
> I am reading the docs and I do not know how to get the client to listen.
> I have the serve running on 1 machine and when I access the site from the
> client machine
> all I get is the XML file and on top of the page it says:
> This XML file does not appear to have any style information
> associated with it. The document tree is shown below.
> I do not know what to do to set the client. DO I need to download ICECAST
> on the client machine?
> I have winamp, real audio and Microsoft player on the client
> Can I set my mount point to be my cd-rom player?
> I keep looking at the docs and it talks about setting the client
> but what do I have to do to set client
> Thanks for any info,
> Nestor :-)

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