[icecast] Status.xml

Adon Irani adon at yorku.ca
Wed Dec 17 08:03:44 UTC 2003

> By storing both the Flash client and the XML file on the same web server, I
> think it would decrease the charge of the streaming server.
> .	Can I set up Icecast to store this file on a remote web server (by
> uploading it through FTP for example)?

just an initial response ., i had a similar issue w/ displaying a n0w
playing bar on my site . it would take a second or so to check the
status.xsl file for listener count, mountpoint, etc . .

now , i have a cron job dump the status.xsl file on the minute .
afterwhich i update a sql table as to what is playing . , there's the
minute delay in accuracy , but otherwise this works well .

with the file dump , you can run consequitive grep commands quite quickly
to parse out the important fields .

i would suspect ,
you could just as easily check the metadata through such a script .
( although i have yet to implement this -- all my old archives don't have
correct metadata and i haven't started live studio broadcasts again as yet
under the new system .. )

<p>> .	Is it possible to know the song's duration and store this
> information into an XML file?

i wonder also ! :)

<p>, glad to hear that you are still working on this ! please post the list
as you update the client/player . thanks .,


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