[icecast] Compiling icecast2, libcurl problem

Leo Willner l.willner at kabsi.at
Sat Aug 30 18:47:48 UTC 2003

Hi again,

Thanks for the quick response.

the curl-devel is already installed on my system.

Thats a problem too, the icecast binary can be executed but there are no logs in the log-directory I specified (the dir does exist and my 
user (root) got write-permission). I'm running icecast as root for testing, to have no problems with permissions.

I thought icecast doesn't start if it can't log ("error writing log" or something), so is there a default log-dir? Searched my whole system for 
icecast-log-files but didn't find anything. Anyway ices2 is logging and doesn't report any errors so it seems that it can connect to icecast 

The webroot-dir that I specified exists and the status.xsl too. root got read- and write-access to status.xsl.

<p>Some messages during make-command:
during make-command, for compiling icecast it writes sometimes 'warning: comparison between signed and unsigned'
and one time it writes 'warning ''_parse_audio_info'' defined but not used'

As far as I have seen icecasts' 'sh autogen.sh' command isn't checking for libshout, is this maybe the problem, or is libshout just needed 
for ices2?

IceS2 is running well and can connect to Icecast, Icecast can be executed, but there is no way making a connection to the server, 
and there are no icecast-log-files.
I'm simply running out of ideas.



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