[icecast] icecast1 type stats logs in icecast2 ?

Jose Otero jotero at san.rr.com
Thu Aug 28 02:20:45 UTC 2003

Hey All.


I have recently upgraded my streaming radio station to icecast2 type
streaming.  I, however miss the stats logs in icecast 1.  These logs
would list the number of listeners, and more importantly their ip
addresses.  I parsed this onto a nice looking web page, so local users
in my LAN could know who was listening to the radio station.


I guess icecast2 has some built in web serving which displays the number
of listeners, but I see no way to get the ip addresses, unless I do some
sort of netstat and grep on port 8000.  This, however is a bit more
overhead that I want to use, if I can avoid it.  


Is anyone aware of a way to get the number of connected listeners and
their IP addresses?  Or does anyone know if there is a stats type log in






P.S.  The website for the station is http://sagansstash.ucsd.edu
<http://sagansstash.ucsd.edu/>   (click on wkbj radio)  The number of
listeners and "who's listening" link is broken until I fix this however.

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