[icecast] icecast && buffering

Teneur MAxime max_teneur at yahoo.fr
Wed Aug 13 15:31:33 UTC 2003


i have some questions about icecast and buffering...

in fact, when i starts icecast for the first time, i
have seen that memory used was above 2588.
When i start ices, memory of icecast grows up =>no

But when , a few time later (ices is off), i look at
again the memory used by icecast, i can see 2736.
Then, after many starts of ices, icecast (ices is each
time off) used always 2736.
My conclusion was that icecast has a buffer, and that
this buffer can not be flushed, and was limited at
However, when i look at again memory used by icecast
when ices is running, memory is over 2736!!!

o my questions are:

-has icecast a limited buffer???
-how this limited buffer is flushed??
- i know that ices has a configurable buffer. is there
a configuration for the eventual icecasts buffer? 

<p>please, reply me!!!

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