[icecast] Moving clients and JOrbis

Luke Stodola minus273point16c at fastmail.fm
Wed Aug 6 15:35:29 UTC 2003

Here is what I'm trying to do: most of the time, I broadcast from a
playlist, just loooping through prerecorded content.  Sometimes, say at a
special concert or sports game, a live stream (from a laptop's line-in)
is broadcast instead.

Ideally, the laptop could simply "take over" the stream from IceS, and
hand it back when we're finished with the live stuff.  Is there a way to
do this?

The alternative I thought of was to just leave IceS running, connect the
live stream, add a playlist item to IceS "In just a moment we'll switch
over to our live event...", move the clients over to the live stream, end
with "Now we return to regularly scheduled content...", and move clients
back, hoping that the transitions aren't to rough (such as jumping right
into the middle of a song).  This sounds like it should work, but it
would be clumsy.

Another idea is to have an entry in the playlist that points to the live
stream.  When I'm ready to stream live, I simply edit the playlist file,
add a line to the stream after the currently playing song (or whenever I
want to do the switch), and upload the file.  IceS rereads the playlist
file after it finishes the current song, and could maybe simply
rebroadcast the live stream.  When I'm finished, I could just kill the
live stream and IceS would go on to the next item in the playlist. 
However, I haven't had any luck with this.  Ices simply gives an "error
opening file ... no such file or directory".  Am I doing something wrong?
 Could this method potentially work?

Or, any other ideas on how to do the same thing?

Thanks in advance.

  Luke Stodola
  minus273point16c at fastmail.fm

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