[icecast] yp dir listing

oddsock oddsock at oddsock.org
Tue Aug 5 13:13:39 UTC 2003

>>Oliver Stirling wrote:
>>>My icecast server is behind a http proxy server, does anyone know of a 
>>>program I can use to get icecast to send data to that will forward it to 
>>>the yp dir? (I'm on linux btw)
what's the actual problem with listing behind a http proxy ? Icecast2 
shouldn't have any problems doing this.  You may need to change the value 
of <hostname> in the icecast.xml config file (this is where the yp routines 
gets the information for the listen url).  This is different then Shoutcast 
which would derive the listen url based off the IP of the listing 
client.  The YP servers actually will use the IP of the listing client in 
some cases.  This will happen if <hostname> is something like "localhost" 
or 192.168.* or, but if you make <hostname> www.myserver.com, 
then the listen URL on the YP will use that (even if your listing isn't 
coming from www.mysever.com)...


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