[icecast] Stream sycronisation and player skipping

Mr I konny at waitrose.com
Tue Aug 5 11:13:05 UTC 2003

Hi all,
Thanks to all concerned with Icecast /ices is just the best blah blah 
praise love... I know you already know you have a amazing products..

I  am attempting to get a simultaneous stream to X clients. What I 
require is that all clients play the exact same segment (same ms) at the 
same time.
I'm using the combo of  icecast2 (from cvs Icecast2 alpha 1.) ices-0.3 
(from ices-0.3.tar.gz) and winamp3.

Currently when I attempt this the winamp clients keep falling in and out 
of sync (tested on local LAN with 2 clients).
 In fact another problem is that all streams continuous pause 
approximately every 10 seconds.

I know there are many factors to consider and also that the quality of 
service may not be guarantee over the Internet.
 However I'm really like to know if anyone has accomplished this and how.
Any comments would be happily accepted
thank you all in advance.


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