[icecast] radio broadcasting using FLUID

mourad mourad mourad_123 at hotmail.com
Mon Apr 28 12:21:18 UTC 2003


I have finally succeded in runing Fluid which is a streaming media , this is 
how I did it.

First of all I had to download JRE (java run time ) into my rh 9.0 box,
then compiled the fluid  module as follows:

# cd /home/fluid
# java FLUID conf/fluid.config

as soon as compiled it would launch the server in a listenning mode , the 
fluid.config script contains a file called /home/fluid/samples
, this file contains all the *.MP3 files that would be available for 
listenning to the other groups in the network.

Then thru via another client computer you would select a location from the 
player that u have and key in IP:port in my case

and right away you would be able to listen to all the MP3's contained within 
the /home/fluid/samples file one after the other.

I was very pleased to get to this stage, but right now I am trying to
get to the point where I would have the choice of choosing whatever MP3 I 
would  like to listen to rather than listenning to all the list ...

I would be very pleased if anyone of u guys know have I to do that ???

I have tried puting in the realplayer location the following but it hung !!

<p>Tkx for your help

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