[icecast] Problem with streaming some mp3s (but not all)

Pritpaul Mahal psm321 at yahoo.com
Sun Apr 20 04:49:35 UTC 2003


I would really appreciate if someone could try to help
me out with this... i've been struggling with it for
quite a while now. :(

Anyway, I was trying to use ices to broadcast mp3s
with icecast2 (a recent cvs snapshot of all 3
components from brendan's site). I have it working
fine for some of my mp3s (encoded with lame -b 32) but
with the other mp3s which are actually the ones that I
wanted to broadcast, it doesn't work.

Basically, what happens is, with XMMS, it keeps trying
to reconnect and occasionally will be able to play a
garbled fraction of a second.  With Winamp, it just
sits there, and after a while says something like
error syncing to mpeg stream.  Just doing a plain wget
on the stream and trying to play it with mpg123
results in silence.

The problem mp3s were encoded with lame --alt-preset
cbr 40 and lame --alt-preset cbr 80.  You can access
some example mp3s here:

http://www.svaudio.org/test1.mp3 (works)
http://www.svaudio.org/test2.mp3 (doesn't work-40kbps)
http://www.svaudio.org/test3.mp3 (doesn't work-80kbps)

My DNS is flaky sometimes, so use if you
have problems.

All of the problem mp3s work fine when played
independently, and mp3_check finds no problems.

I realize that I could just reencode these, but I want
to know what settings to avoid and would like to avoid
having to do that if at all possible (there are 40 of
them and they take about half an hour to an hour

Thanks a lot!


P.S. I would appreiate if you could CC replies to me,
but I'll try to remember to check the list anyways. :)

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