[icecast] OddcastDSP/Winamp2

Ross Levis ross.levis at cchlawbase.co.nz
Tue Apr 8 23:35:37 UTC 2003

Hi Oddsock

Thank you for your detailed reply.

> these are all very valid points, but consider the following.  
> I, and I suspect some others as well, write open source 
> software to provide people free (or otherwise cheap) options 
> to problems that are traditionally solved by proprietary or 
> non-open software.......

I appreciate the non-paid time required.  It is rewarding to donate time
to a worthy cause, providing you don't get too much criticism.

> in general, I don't mind criticisms for the stuff I 
> do... But criticisms 
> that don't allow me to fix things "Your software is too 
> buggy", "doesn't work on some platforms", those are not 
> terribly helpful.

I agree.  I'll see if I can get specific details from him.

> The SQRSoft crossfading plugin may be a great plugin, but has 
> proven many times in the past to be very buggy.  To do what 
> they do, they need to simulate loading a winamp DSP the way 
> winamp does, if they don't do it properly  (in the past this 
> is true), then problems will arise.

I see.  Perhaps you could explain technically how a particular sample
rate/channel setting in your DSP will affect the crossfader and make it
crash.  I'm no expert on Winamp plugins but I assumed the crossfader
would feed 44khz 16 bit audio data into the DSP and then read the
resulting audio back from the DSP before sending the audio to Winamps
audio subsystem.  A lot of DSP's alter the audio, such as audio
expanders/compressors/limiters etc, but in the case of your DSP, I would
not have expected the audio data to change at all.  Your plugin is
simply reading it, encoding it, and sending it elsewhere.  So my
question is, why does the a Vorbis encoding option affect the

> on the contrary, I am constantly working on oddcast...and yes, a new
winamp2 version of 
> oddcastv2 is next as well.

I look forward to it.

Best regards,
Ross Levis.
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