[icecast] cannot get icecast and ices to talk...authentication failed

Brendan Cully brendan at xiph.org
Fri Apr 4 08:16:54 UTC 2003

On Friday, 04 April 2003 at 00:30, Eric L. Brown wrote:
> I have a weird one...
> I installed icecast 2 and ices .23 on Mandake, and am not having any luck
> I compiled and installed the nightly icecast just today.
> It seems to work fine, however when I telnet to it (, port 8000),
> I am unable to login unless the first line contains ONLY the password.
> I used ethereal to see that iceS is trying to send to authenticate, and it
> is sending (as the first line):
> SOURCE hackme /example1.ogg

You need a snapshot version of ices (www.xiph.org/~brendan) and
libshout 2, then you need to change your protocol to http.

Alternatively you can use the icy protocol with your current
version. icecast2 doesn't use the xaudiocast protocol used by icecast
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