[icecast] no audio until icecast / ices is ended

Mark Rowlands fuc952d at tninet.se
Tue Sep 17 05:06:38 UTC 2002

On Sun September 15 2002 04:03, Geoff Shang wrote:
> Hi:
> ah.  Your mp3 player is downloading the stream instead of playing it right
> away.  You need to create an M3U file with your stream URL in it and link
> to that on your website.  Your player will download this and open the
> contained URL and play it.  So as an example
> stream.m3u contains:
> http://server:8000/stream
> Now you'd link to this as follows:
> Listen
> The person clicks on this, the M3U file is downloaded and the player opens
> it and launches a connection to http://server:8000/stream .
> This is streaming basics, but it comes up so often that it's obviously
> missing from the icecast docs.
> Geoff.

Oh my god........    I am now standing in the corner of the room wearing a
 big pointy hat with a D on it................

Now comes stupid question number 2. Would I be correct in assuming it is my
responsibilty to output some handy info to a browser like....what track is
actually playing?  Right now I have just hacked a cgi together to look at
the ices.cue file but is there a "recommended" approach.

Thanks for the hefty whack with the clue stick.




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