[icecast] winamp >2.75 -answer on song titles // use_meta_data-

zeek zeek at sparklehouse.com
Fri Sep 13 19:55:23 UTC 2002

I've searched the archives on xiph and elsewhere in hopes of finding an
answer on whether song titles will work. There seems to be no definitive

use_meta_data 1 DOES work for WinAmp 2.75 but nothing else I've tried (which
includes the latest WinAmp and Sonique). Also, I can get some header by
telnetting into my port (see below) but still the "meta_data" issue remains
a mystery.

If there is in fact a definitive answer on this, please by all means FAQ or
RTFM me senseless. Even if there's no gratifying definitive answer, comments
on "it works for me" would suffice. All I need is an inch. Otherwise I'm
closing the coffin on this project and recommending something else for this
really cool top-secret collective project I'm working with that could bring
an enormous amount of positive light to the icecast project, it's
developers, and all else and others involved.

And if I can't get a pulse this time, I recommend putting a radiation symbol
on the icecast.org front page And adding the following to the FAQ:

Q1: What is icecast?
A:  See Q1.

<p>x-audiocast-location: Philadelphia, PA (formerly NYC)
x-audiocast-admin: admin at sparklehouse.com
x-audiocast-server-url: http://sparklehouse.com/

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