[icecast] icecast 1.3.12 streaming big static files, offset

nicolas mayencourt nick at dreamlab.net
Tue Sep 10 10:15:28 UTC 2002


i am running an icecast setup since a little while now and i am
very convinced of the quality of this product. still i have 2 wishes
or problems which seem almost unsolvable to me:

1: i don't know how i can convince icecast to make an offset
         position by streaming big static files. i.e. streaming
         big.mp3 not from start but one hour later:
         60s*60mins*16000 bytes offset. is there a way to do that,
         or did i choose the wrong product? i noticed that there is
         a passage in static.c which is written by david at neongoat.com
         which is supposed to do that by just entering:
         myserver:8000/file/big.mp3?pos=32342314 which then
         results in a file not found.

2: i would like to present the mp3 streams in two bitrates, the
         original files are 128kbit and then a stripped down version
         of 32kbit. is there a way to do this on the fly, or what would
         you suggest?

<p>i am very confused about those two points and would relly appreciate
any help on this topics.

thank you in advance for helping me out.





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