[icecast] ices - cpu cycles - re encodig

Kirk Reiser kirk at braille.uwo.ca
Thu Oct 31 05:13:34 PST 2002

Well, actually you have from Geoff Shang.  You stated at the time you
would look into it after exams or the like.  Geoff said he would post
an official bug report but hasn't managed it yet.

For the record:
Using cvs ices2, libshout and icecast2 and can't remember what else
but all cvs.  Ices runs almost 24 hours before it leaks all the memory
it can get and all the processes get killed off by the kernel as I
mentioned in my last post.  It is consistant and very reliable.  This
has been going on for about two weeks now and I've temporarily quit
trying to keep egoplay going because it stops at least once a day.  If
I can give you anymore specific info let me know I will happily
oblige.  Come to think about it Geoff posted the syslog error messages
here at the time he first mentioned it.



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