[icecast] Icecast1: "Client din't data fast enough"

Hagen Kliemann hkl at mnet-online.de
Mon Oct 7 00:12:00 PDT 2002

Hallo,                                                06.10.02

I'm using Icecast1 with darkice on the same mashine,
starting darkice by cron sending 2 mp3-Streams to the
Icecast server and dumping the two mp3 stream and an
an other vorbis into files (may later I set up icecast2)
in the static dir of the Icecast. Locally connecting to
the streams works well even works file streaming of the
icecast static dir too.

But if sombody is trying to connect to the stream from
outside it may sometimes work but often the conection
after about a minute. In my Server Logfile I see then
entries like: "Client kicked becouse of to many error:
client did not receive data fast enough". Even if my
Upstream-Bandwitd via Cable-Modem isn't soo big, but
I think about 200 kbits/s should be enough for some
(but at least one) Listener for a 32kbps-Stream.
I did recompile Icecast with a doubled chunklen.
Then I don't get this Error anymore but the client
mostly gets out of synch after some reconnects.
This problem dont't occour in icecast's static mp3-file
streaming of the by darkice dumped files.

Does anybody have ideas what my problem could be?
Does icecast in live streaming need at least shortly
a very much higher bandwith then the real stream band with?
Does darkice occupy too much processor time? I think,
my mashine should be fast enough.
Or may there be some bad network configurations?

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