[icecast] liveice sending horrible static noise?

jessew jessew at holly.colostate.edu
Sun Oct 6 19:29:56 PDT 2002

Ah...  mixice has nothing to do with liveice, does it?

The reason you have to put -x in the LAME arguments in mixice is because LAME 
is set up to be big-endian by default.  The x86 architecture is little-endian, 

I'm using liveice to encode the stream...  and being on a big-endian powerpc 
machine, I've tried all I can to disable that byte-swapping option in LAME, 
which *should* fix the problem, but doesn't....

<p>>How are you encoding the stream?  For my mixice program, I had to
>add a "-x" to LAME which means "force byte-swapping of input".

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