[icecast] icecast2 disconnects..

Michael Smith msmith at labyrinth.net.au
Sun Oct 6 03:12:02 PDT 2002

At 09:29 PM 10/4/02 -0500, you wrote:
>weird..I posted this a few days ago, but it never showed up...

It did, I just didn't get around to looking at it in depth...

>anyway, here it is (again) :)
>while we are talking about disconnects, I'll mention the fact that 
>apparently when metadata song changes are done by a source (mine namely), 
>icecast2 seems to want to disconnect each listener. I have confirmed that 
>on metadata song changes, on the source client, no closing of the sockets 
>are done, only logical vorbis bitstream closings....

This is triggered in some rare circumstances, and was worsened by a recent
incorrect bugfix (there was a bug, the fix was wrong and exacerbated the
problem, making it more likely to be triggered). 

I didn't fix it sooner because the vast majority of my files (and other
test streams) don't trigger the bug anyway. I think this is the problem
you and others have been seeing, so do an update and see if it's improved.


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