[icecast] Password problems

William Gomeringer neisture at pihlopase.mine.nu
Sat Nov 30 18:37:35 UTC 2002

I know most of you probably went "grrrrrrrrrrr" when you saw the
subject, but I need some help with passwords. I'm feeling a bit stupid
and a lot frustrated here so bear with me. What EXACTLY do I do in this
situation? Let's say that the password for icecast is hackme. I need to
encrypt it so I run 'makepasswd --crypt --clearfrom=passwd.tmp' with the
password hackme supplied in the text file passwd.tmp. I get something
like this back: hackme     4qnV4jDtl28JY Now, I take 4qnV4jDtl28JY and
plug that into icecast.conf right? Also, in shout.conf I put 'hackme' or
'4qnV4jDtl28JY' for the passord, neither works anyway. Then I start
icecast, everthing ok. I start shout, oops, bad password. So, what am I
doing wrong? Can anyone help or is everyone sick of hearing this
question? :) Thanks, William

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