[icecast] Ices issues

Geoff Shang gshang at uq.net.au
Sat Nov 23 07:41:55 PST 2002


I ran a live test broadcast today and noticed a couple of things that
concerned me.  Now, I'll admit I was pushing my P2/266 pretty hard, but it
kept things going so I'm guessing that it's not unreasonable for me to
expect this to work.

I was sending two streams encoded from the sound card, one at 22khz mono
quality -1 and the other at 44.1 stereo quality 0.  I was also saving the
44.1 stream to a file.

My main concern is that it looks like ices was leaking memory.  I heard my
noisy removable hard drive (which has the swap and root FS on it) start to
be accessed more than usual, which clued me into this.  Here's the
situation after the broadcast had been going for about 2 hours:

root      9247  0.1 66.3 45476 20168 pts/0   S    14:53   0:11 [ices]
root      9248  0.0 66.3 45476 20168 pts/0   S    14:53   0:00 [ices]
root      9249  0.0 66.3 45476 20168 pts/0   S    14:53   0:00 [ices]
root      9250 22.1 66.3 45476 20168 pts/0   R    14:53  26:42 [ices]
root      9251 77.0 66.3 45476 20168 pts/0   R    14:53  92:44 [ices]

I'm not real concerned about the CPU usage, as it is a P2/266.  However,
the RAM looks high.  The system load was around 1.5 or 1.6 at this stage.

After finishing a few minutes later.  I decided to restart so that I could
see the state of resource usage when first starting.

 17:06:51 up 2 days, 10:26,  5 users,  load average: 1.12, 0.97, 1.10

root      9304  0.4 14.5 12508 4424 pts/0    S    17:05   0:00 ices
root      9305  0.0 14.5 12508 4424 pts/0    S    17:05   0:00 ices
root      9306  0.0 14.5 12508 4424 pts/0    S    17:05   0:00 ices
root      9307 22.6 14.5 12508 4424 pts/0    S    17:05   0:32 ices
root      9308 75.0 14.5 12508 4424 pts/0    R    17:05   1:48 ices

I don't know whether this problem occurs if I remove one of the 3
activities going on here, it might take longer to show up in such cases.
I have to watch my bandwidth for the next week till the end of the month,
but then I can go again and see how it manages with a simpler setup.

The other thing I noticed was the last 2 or so minutes are not present in
the saved stream file.  Ogginfo also says:

Warning: EOS not set on stream 1

I don't know if this is related to the other issue or not.

I'm running ices and libshout CVS as of today, and connecting to an
icecast2 server that was running up to date code before yesterday's commit.

The config is attached.


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