[icecast] my radio have some problems

toni guga toni_guga at lycos.it
Thu Nov 21 12:47:17 UTC 2002

Hi to everyone

I need some help with icecast and shout.
im using icecast 1.2.12(wich i compiled it by my self)
and shout 0.8.0 ( compiled by me), i tried to use ices but it gives me
some broblems during ./configure with XML and other lib's...
The radio stations are working OK and people connect to them with no
problem but after some min the radio stops playing by it's self and the
error msg is 

[21/Nov/2002:11:36:23] [6:Source Thread] Kicking client 175
[] [Too many errors (client not receiving data fast
enough)] [listener], connected for 4 minutes and 57 seconds, 4481507
bytes transfered. 0 clients connected

and another error is:
    * [Host:] [Mountpoint /123] [Id: 243] [Connected for:
1 minutes and 41 seconds] [Source Id: 2] [Bytes written: 1611857]
[Errors: 1] [User agent: xmms/1.2.7] [Type: listener]
End of client listing

    * [Host:] [Mountpoint /123] [Id: 243] [Connected for:
2 minutes and 37 seconds] [Source Id: 2] [Bytes written: 2482593]
[Errors: 3] [User agent: xmms/1.2.7] [Type: listener]
End of client listing

and after some min the radio stops playing

I don't understat why...
Please help me


P.S  Sorry for mine unusual english

Toni Guga
System Administrator
toni_guga at lycos.it

Internet Television Group s.r.l
Corso Regio Parco 2 Torino cap 10153 (IT)
tel: 011/5216498
mail: itg at itgtv.tv
web site: http://www.madeinitaly.tv/
forum site: http://www.madeinitaly.tv/phpBB2/
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