[icecast] Freedomaudio player

Leo Currie leo.currie at strath.ac.uk
Mon Nov 11 03:22:41 PST 2002

Karl Heyes wrote:

> Is it just the java player that seems to be unreliable.  There is a 
> couple
> of outstanding bugs in ices for network socket error cases, but the fixes
> these are with Mike. 

I'm not entirely sure. Certainly, playback is flawless with Winamp.
Every now and then, Ices seems to just stop, and swallow up all my CPU. 
I'm not sure if this was caused by my playlist having non-existant file 
entries, or whether it was caused by me trying to make it play mp3's. In 
any case, it's been running all night (almost 9 hours now..) without 
problems, so perhaps it was just the phase of the moon...
What sort of continuous running times can I expect? (For Ices i mean - 
icecast seems fine)

> With each file, the initial headers get sent (one of which contains the
> comments - metadata).  If it's the comments that's causing this then it
> sounds like the java player is expecting a particular comment and not
> receiving it.  Use ogginfo to compare the files comments.  Failing that
> it doesn't know how to parse the changes within streams.

I will mail the Freedomaudio people and see what they say.

Thanks a lot for the info.


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