[icecast] Freedomaudio player

Karl Heyes karl at pts.tele2.co.uk
Mon Nov 11 11:06:28 UTC 2002

On 2002.11.11 10:16 Leo Currie wrote:
> Hi folks
> Got Icecast2 running on Redhat8 with IceS2 as a source, streaming some OGG
> files. All works nicely (not _especially_ reliable :) but it seems to lock
> up the Freedomaudio java player between tracks.

Is it just the java player that seems to be unreliable.  There is a couple
of outstanding bugs in ices for network socket error cases, but the fixes
these are with Mike.

> Everytime a new file begins, the player stops and says 'Loading'.
> I'm wondering if it's somehthing to do with metadata -
> is there a way of disabling metadata from IceS2? (i.e. just the track
> title changes?)

With each file, the initial headers get sent (one of which contains the
comments - metadata).  If it's the comments that's causing this then it
sounds like the java player is expecting a particular comment and not
receiving it.  Use ogginfo to compare the files comments.  Failing that
it doesn't know how to parse the changes within streams.

> Works fine in Winamp - does IceS2 actually disconnect the source between
> tracks though?

nope. The encoding engine is restarted and the headers are sent, but the
stream is still connected.

> Finally, can anyone suggest a source client that does wot IceS2 does, but
> that can 'crossfade' ogg tracks? Preferrably with scriptable playlists :)

Don't know of any that do crossfade.

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