[icecast] LiveIce and Zope

Luis M. Gallardo D. gluis at alsuites.com
Tue May 28 02:04:35 UTC 2002

Are you using liveice with -@ 2 option?

You can see liveice's options by running it with the -h switch.

I hope it helps you.

Luis Gallardo.
Caracas - Venezuela.

Cédric Mallet wrote:
> I have a very weird problem between Liveice and Zope.
> I start LiveIce with a script shell that works well. Since I want to run
> it under a Zope page I made a Zope "external method" to run the script
> through a Python module. When I call the method, the script is called by a
> function in the python module, and runs, but LiveIce does not work (seems
> like it does not even start). The weird thing is that if I use the
> module file alone (in the python interpreter for example), everything
> works fine and LiveIce starts.
> To sum up what I have :
> Liveice <---> shell script <----> python module <----> Zope (external
> method)
> I can go from the module to LiveIce and from Zope to the script, but I
> would like to go from Zope down to LiveIce... I used this method to run
> IceS and everything worked fine, but I can't find out what's wrong with
> LiveIce.
> Any comment or idea would be really welcome before I get completely crazy.
> --
> Ced

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