[icecast] memory, processor, bandwidth

Luis M. Gallardo D. gluis at alsuites.com
Thu May 23 15:23:17 UTC 2002

christophe.guerin at etud.univ-pau.fr wrote:
> * Enough bandwidth to run the server.  If you want to broadcast to 100
>   listeners at 24kbps, you'll need about 24kbps*100 = 2,400kbps = 2.4Mbps
>   of bandwidth.  That's about 2 T1 lines worth of bandwidth.  Trying to
>   push 100 128kbps listeners down your 768kbps cable modem isn't going
>   to work :)

It doesn't say if it's using stereo or mono quality. You should read the
MP3-HOWTO. In the bandwidth considerations section you'll find:

"Consider this scenario. A T1 link has a capacity of approx. 1.55
Mb/Sec. If you stream your MP3's at 128K/Bps stereo, each connecting
player will use 256K/Bps, so only 6 users could connect to your MP3
server at any time without problems."

So, if you want to broadcast to 100 listeners at 24 kbps (mono), you'll
need about 24 kbps x 100 = 2.4 Mbps of bandwidth, and you must double it
if you want to broadcast at 24 kbps (stereo)

> Is it the same rules for Icecast??
> Thank you in advance.
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> (christophe.guerin at etud.univ-pau.fr)

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